Nits Nats Final


Located on the Northwest side of Chicago, Nits N Nats is focused on providing parents and teachers the best value for the service they are getting.  

We work diligently by using safe and natural products to remove lice and nits strand by strand.  We believe that having to go through head lice is suffering enough.  That is why we have created a comfortable salon setting.  

We provide entertainment for your children while you kick-back and finally put your mind at ease.  We will also provide to you documents guaranteeing that your child is safe to go back to school.  

Our services are 100% guaranteed, considering all treatments and follow-ups are completed for every family member.   

For our busy parents, we are now offering our Done-in-One Service. Check out our Services & Pricing page for more information.   

(708) 831-4978

7253 W Touhy Ave, Chicago, IL 60631

Questions?  Send us an email, nitsnnats@hotmail.com