Home Cleaning Service

When fighting a lice infestation it is just as important to consider that is around you, and not just on your head.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a reoccurring episode week after week.  With this in mind, proper home cleaning during a lice infestation is a crucial and often overlooked part of the process.  It is possible for head lice to live on items such as bedding, couches, hair accessories, car seats, toys, and clothing for up to 48 hours.  At Nits N Nats, we understand that combating lice requires a holistic approach and are dedicated to helping you in every way that we can.  This is why we are happy to offer an at home cleaning service that works on your time.

At Nits and Nats, we don’t believe in harsh over the counter sprays and chemicals that you can’t pronounce and rarely even work, and instead rely on natural treatments and old fashioned work.  We will go through your house, room by room, and make sure everything is properly deloused to that you and your family can sleep peacefully at night.  While we appreciate your business, we do hope that you never have to come to us again in your lice free future.

Pricing varies by square footage of house:

1,500 square feet and less-$350

1,500 square feet -2,500 square feet-$425

More than $2,500- $515