Services & Pricing

Explanation of services:

  1. Head Check-$25 per person
    • The start of every service.
    • We comb through your hair using our Lice Free Terminator Comb to see if any lice is evident on the scalp.
    • If lice is found during the head check we recommend our hourly, Done-in-One, or family package treatment options.
    • The head check fee will be waived if treatment is performed.
    • Approximate time: 15-20 minutes.
  2. Hourly Treatment-$90/hour
    • Recommended after evidence of lice has been found following a head check.
    • We start by combing the hair section by section using our all natural enzyme treatment.
    • We do two passes through the hair to ensure all lice is found and removed.
    • Services billed in 15 minutes increments.
    • Oil application recommended to ensure no live lice remain.
    • A follow-up head check is recommended 5-7 days after initial treatment. If at the head check evidence of lice is found we will perform a free treatment.  If there isn’t evidence of lice there will be a head check fee applied to that day’s services.
    • Approximate time: 30-90 minutes depending on hair length.
  3. Done-In-One-$160 for long hair

                                      $130 for short hair

  • Recommended for busy parents.
  • The Done-In-One combines our normal hourly treatment, an oil application, and a follow-up head check all in the convenience of your first visit.
  • The Done-In-One includes the peace of mind of a 15 day guarantee where if any lice is found we will perform a complimentary treatment.
  • Approximate time: 60-120 minutes.
  1. Family Package-$500 per family
    • Recommended for families larger than 4 people
    • This package includes the Done-in-One treatments for up to 6 family members.
    • This package includes a lice comb out, an oil application, and a follow-up head check all in the convenience of your first visit.
    • The family package also includes a 15 day guarantee
    • Approximate time: Depends on family size

Important considerations for parents and guardians:

  1. All members living in the house should be checked.
  2. Review the resources on our website for how to clean your house and how to prevent future outbreaks
  3. Combing your child’s hair weekly is encouraged to prevent and detect future outbreaks.
  4. If you are unsure if you have a found nits or lice do not hesitate to send us an email with a picture attached and we will let you know as soon as possible. Send to
  • School and Camp Screening: Nits N Nats will travel to your school or camp anywhere in the surrounding area. Head Checks $1.50/person ($200 Minimum) BIZM_20161031_PLUOY_ESig_230x40