Tips on How to Prevent Head Lice: 

  • Know what you’re looking for; It is important to know the difference between nits and lice.
    • Bugs and eggs tend to be brown and grey, while eggs are usually found ¼ inch away from you scalp, bugs can be found crawling all over the scalp.
  • Using a good lice comb is the best defense against lice.
    • If you’re checking with a “Nit Free Terminator Comb” weekly, the lice have less time to relocate and infest others.
  • Always keep your hair UP and away from others.
    • Individuals with longer hair should always keep their hair in a bun, braid, or ponytail. This helps keep the hair from getting too close or brushing against someone else.
  • Use repellant sprays and/or shampoos & conditioners
    • There are many different repellant options. We recommend that people use peppermint instead of tea tree or rosemary (although tea tree and rosemary can be effective in some form).  Whichever scent you choose it’s always best to use repellant.  Using repellant is especially important any time children return/start school from a break or vacation for at least 1 to 2 weeks, and every time you receive a “lice notice” from your children’s school. 
  • Communication is the best way of keeping lice in control.
    • Once you discover that your child has lice you should inform anyone that they have been in contact with for the last week. Not only will this alert others to check themselves, it will also protect your kids from getting it back from anyone of their friends.  Head lice will continue to be spread unless everyone is checked, so help stop the spread by encouraging your friends to get checked too. 
  • Schools and day care centers that practice regular head lice checks have less lice outbreaks.


What to do if you find head lice? 

  • Using lice salons has become more and more popular. With the use of pesticide free products, we have been known to provide a more effective and the safe form of eliminating head lice.  Over the years, lice have transformed themselves into what some refer to as a “super bug”, that will not die with the chemical treatment sold over the counter, but head lice can’t resist intensive manual removal.  We have a 100% service guarantee (considering all treatments and follow-ups are completed for every family member).


Tips on how to do the treatment on your own: 

  • Have the right comb. We use and recommend “Lice Free Terminator Comb”.
  • Use all natural products. 
    • Since lice have transformed themselves into “super bugs”, they have become resistant to chemical treatments, so there is no need to waste time or money using over the counter products. These products are very low quality.  We have a line of all natural products that can help you get started.  You can stop in and we can walk you through how to do the treatments at home and what the best products are for you. 
    • Start by combing from the bottom of your head and working your way up inch by inch. Comb each section until they are no longer visible.  Use a white paper towel and wipe your comb after every few strokes.  Combing in every direction is the most effective technique as nits are tricky to get out. 
    • Communicate with friends and family your children may have been in contact within the last week.
    • Continue combing once a day for 1-2 weeks, after the initial treatment.
      • It is important to get everything out of the hair. If you miss just a few nits they will hatch and the life cycle will start over again.
    • Use lice free shampoo and mint spray for the 2 weeks following treatment. Keep long hair in braids or pony tails. 

What to do in your house: 

  • The GOAL is to make sure that your home has no living bugs left behind. After the hair of all family members are free of lice and nits, we suggest that you delouse your house.  This should be done only once, no need to repeat every day.  Head lice do not like to live outside of the human head.  Since blood is their only source of food, hair is the place where they lay their eggs, and where they can survive.  Although they may fall off the hair by accident, in order to prevent re-infestation we recommend you do the following:
    • Wash the clothes the children have on. Bedding, sheets, blankets, covers, pillows, clothes, stuffed animals, they may have been in the contact with in the last 24-48 hours (washed or put in the dryer for 30 minutes, on high heat).  Vacuum the mattress, wipe the side of the beds, furniture, and vacuum the couches, sofas, and the floors.  Anything else the children may have been in contact with that you can not wash/dry or vacuum, place in plastic bags for at least 72 hours. 
    • Clean and disinfect all brushes and combs. You can boil them for 10 minutes, soak in hot water and soap for 2 hours, or freeze each item for 24 hours. 
    • Vacuum the interior of the cars the children have been in.


Nits N Nats uses the best practices for lice and nit Removal.  We always offer same day appointments at our salon or at the privacy of your own home.  We only use safe, nontoxic, effective products.  Our services are 100% guaranteed!